82% of Businesses Think Sales People are UNPREPARED! Don’t Be a Statistic.

I am excited and proud to be launching Claire Ansell Enterprises today. This brand’s number ONE purpose is to become the ambassador for sales people and to help them SOAR AT SALES!

Over the last 20 years of my career, I have been privileged to have such a diverse sales and marketing background. As Managing Partner of GGR International for the last 11 years, I have partnered with companies all over the world in countless industries to build strong sales foundations, develop proven sales strategies, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Claire Ansell Enterprises is built on all of that experience to help businesses become solution providers, equipping sales leaders to build winning teams, and sales people to become sales eagles! The decision to launch this brand has been a long and thrilling journey. I am so excited about the future and all the help we will be able provide to one of the most diverse industries out there – Sales.

Visit our website, www.claireansell.com to gain the tools and resources you need to excel, whether you are a Sales Executive, Sales Manager, or individual Sales Person.  

From our site you can:

  • Buy a copy of The REAL Sales Planner. We have developed simply the best quarterly sales planner on the market to assist with quarterly goal creation, monthly target setting, daily action plans, and review systems for success. There is so much included in this package, you won’t want to miss it.
  • Download our FREE guide: Build a Winning Sales Process to Help you SOAR. This essential guide will explain in detail the first step needed to lay a solid sales foundation, the creation of your 360 Sales Process.
  • Download a series of motivational sales screen savers. These are a beautiful daily reminder that you can be the best at sales.

Don’t be one of the unprepared – do something today to improve your sales game! Strive to be a sales eagle, learn how to have an exceptional sales team, or provide the best sales experience to your customers. Use my experience to hep you grow!

I appreciate every person who has been on this journey with me. Each company and individual I have worked with through the years have taught me something I now get to share with the world through Claire Ansell Enterprises. With your help, I know we can continue to change the way people see sales and help others achieve greater success.

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Yours in Success,