One Dollar to One Million – Create Your Vision!

They say that getting your business to make its first million is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. My business partner decided that in order to help me get there, he would buy me a silver dollar for every million that I made along with a bottle of Cristal. For every five million – he would get me a gold dollar!

It took 2 ½ years to make my first million. Being a startup was hard. Every dollar counted, every deal mattered. I will never ever forget getting that first dollar, sitting and holding it while I drank that champagne with pride. You would think that they would all be easy after the first one, as so many people told me it would be, but they all came with their own level of bittersweet challenge. They all had their own pros and cons, sacrifices that needed to be made, and celebrations. But I have gratitude for the valuable lessons that I learned along the way. Getting to one million in one year was the hardest of them all. The first year, I missed it by $4,957 dollars. That hurt!

Here’s what kept me focused. For every million I would set my goals, my little rewards along the way. A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, or a vacation, or something that I really wanted. I’d set a goal that would drive me through the pain to get to the other side. I’ve always sold at my company, GGR International, even as a Managing Partner. I still run sales and sell myself. Being in the business of sales, I didn’t want to ever lose touch of where I came from or where I was going. My goals have always been lofty! I push myself hard than anyone else, I wanted results more than anyone else… why… because when I create my vision board, my whole being becomes the vision.

Every year without fail, I set my targets and goals and I create my vision board of what I will do, how I will grow, and who I will become. If you stopped me now you could see multiple versions of it on my phone, pictures saved into my vision board for 2018, an app, or pictures stuck on my wall. There is always something that is driving me.

Last month, I started working on my 2019! I know it’s only November, but it takes a lot of thought to truly decide what you want to do or become. I research and really create that vision in my mind. I imagine myself being there. This weekend when I was in Time Square, I took a picture of billboards. When I launch my sales book in November 2019, it WILL BE on one of those billboards. In the moment I decide, I commit to making it happen.

One of my amazing business coaches told me last week that wherever you focus is where you go. Like an Indy 500 driver, you must never focus on the wall, or that is where you will go. Having no goals or vision is basically the same as saying you are going into the wall!

Your power is you, your vision is your driving force. Create your vision today! Be bold! Think big! Win the race and don’t forget the ritual of winning. I can remember ever silver and gold dollar, I can remember every time I received one.

Thank you, Jayson Nesbitt, for always keeping the tradition alive.