Being a sales person is not always an easy thing. It is often assumed that we know how to do our jobs and that this is something that just comes naturally, to a small minority of people this is a true statement (in the industry, we call them eagles). If a business encounters an eagle once in its lifetime, they are fortunate. The rest of us were either lucky enough to have a well-trained boss capable of training us or the company saw that we were worth the investment and sent us on a training course.

When I look back at my career, I can remember the two bosses that were fundamental reasons I became the person I am today. They changed my work ethic and had a hand in developing work Claire. My careers with them were not long, and in all honesty, I challenged them and their processes constantly. However, their ability to continuously go back and show me the same process over and over again, made me accountable for my actions or, in sales, “inactions”, and that in order to get results I needed a clearly defined process, clear goals, and the drive to play the numbers game. They raked me over the coals when I failed and made sure I never wanted to have “that talk” again. When I won, they took me out to celebrate as if I was a Super Star. They drew the line for me between success and failure. They showed me that with discipline, persistence, and respect for a sales process, I could do a job that was not for the faint hearted.

If you have NOT been told no 100 times but still picked up the phone to make the next call in desperate hope to get a yes, holding your breath willing the person on the other end to say YES!!!!. If you have never lost a deal that you have spent a year of blood and sweat trying to close and lost it inches from the finish line and literally gone into the rest room to cry but walked out as if it didn’t matter and carried on to get the next win. If you have not received a bonus so large that you wouldn’t believe it until you held the check in your hand, then you do not know what it is like to be a sales person. You simply have not experienced the roller coaster ride between winning and losing.

True sales people eat rejection for breakfast, they are tough because of this, they are strong willed because they have to be, and they are often difficult to deal with because they are better negotiators than their peers. In order to help your sales teams win here are some guidelines:

  • Do not make your eagles your managers; they do not know why they are good at what they do. No one can teach anyone anything that they do not understand themselves.
  • Your team needs a clearly defined sales process, a road map, the tools to go and sell, and they need to know what success and failure looks like.
  • They need to be trained; this is training in both sales and your products and services. They need to know the “HOW”.

If your teams need training and your managers do not have the skill set or the time, make the decision to invest in your people. Focus on developing excellence within your business development teams. GGR’s foundational sales workshop is designed to drive sales performance and enhance the interactions between your business development teams and your clients and prospective clients. This workshop takes participants through the sales process to understand the value and importance of every stage in the sales cycle, and provides the team with a uniform and structured approach to sales that is proven to work and increase closing ratios.

Value your people by investing in their future. Call us today to schedule your team for the sales workshop that will set them up for success, anywhere in the world. Tel: 832 403 3339